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My initial thoughts on Microsoft Popfly

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Are here (apologies for the MP3, text compression bigots). The YellowPark podcasts promise to be pretty interesting for those with a Microsoft bent. Chris Dalby, the host, is a Microsoft reseller so he has that practitioner thing going on, but he’s not afraid to adopt open source technologies where they are more effective. So he is a Windows-oriented pragmatist. Areas of specialism are Microsoft SBS, Office Communications Server, and Microsoft Exchange. If I were WaggenerEdstrom I would keep an eye on him as a channel for technical discussions with product managers.

disclosure: Chris is a really good friend of mine.



  1. Me wants text! Isn’t there some kind of web 2.0 site that does transcription yet? Or is that a business opportunity waiting to be had…

  2. Hey, thanks for the kind words and airtime James. Much appreciated.

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