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Disappointed by AV at the Orlando Marriott

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i recently linked to approve Marriott’s approach to AV and making it easy to plug all manner of devices into its entertainment centers. Evidently the future hasn’t reached Orlando yet. No AV input into the TV (the real drag), and its not even a flat screen (a minor nit). bah. Welcome to Orlando. Hope its not a metaphor for SOA.


  1. I’m guessing that Marriott doesn’t consider Orlando a tech center but rather a family destination. That means it’s not in the inital wave of retrofitting. The Marriott in DC is tricked out. The manager even lent me iPod speakers.

  2. Marriotts are usually on 7-8 year refresh cycle..you are probably a year or two too early at this property…I have stayed in my share of great and dumpy Marriotts. Stayed in a week old Springhill Suites by Marriott last week and saw the opposite …lots of things still not tested…had to change rooms because AC would not work

    Hey you are in City of Epcot, Disney Imagineering and a big EA location…there’s plenty of high tech stuff if you can drag yourself away from boring SOA -)

    One of these years we will meet. Last few weeks I have been in London, San Jose, almost in Vienna last week, and am now in Tampa…have to come to orlando Friday but you will probably be gone?

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