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Towards a Mono for Silverlight, Dancing in The Moonlight

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If you want to know what the future of dynamic languages holds read this guy. Seriously – read the 21st Century Smalltalk blog. Today Peter points out:

Mono is an open source software project which provides .Net-compatible libraries, tools, and runtimes for Linux, BSD, OSX, and Solaris. They have recently started work on building a Mono-compatible version of Silverlight and the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) under a project named Moonlight. The project page gives a very good overview of the various technologies involved.

Sun should try and hire this guy if it wants to make the multi-language on the JVM story stick.

disclosure: Adobe, Microsoft and Sun are clients.


  1. Working on the JVM would be a bit of a step backwards, methinks, for Peter. Until Java has a DLR. And Peter’s been focusing on webby clients, for whatever reason. No good webby Java client story today.

  2. Yes, the stuff Peter Fisk is doing is pretty amazing – I’ve written about him on my blog before. But he recently caught the attention of whytheluckystiff of Ruby fame, and what he had to say made me blow coffee through my nose:

    “Vista Smalltalk is incredibly precocious and capable. And yet, lots of things have changed and I couldn’t get hardly anything working from the tutorial. Instead of improving his tutorial and docs, the creator (Peter Fisk) is porting everything to the DLR. Uhm? Now I understand why all of you get so mad at me.”


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