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A Twitter use case: RSVP (Really Simple Voting Poll)

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Some people are saying Twitter is nonsense. Fair enough.

But I think the app can have some real utility, above and beyond ambient intimacy. So I am looking for 1000 followers to the RedMonkRSVP twitter id. The idea is that we will be able to run instant polls according to our, and your, research ideas. Sort of a lightweight yougov poll. Twitter was never intended for this but I would like to try it and I need your help. Please get people to sign up and lets start twittering the wisdom of the crowds. I don’t have an infrastructure in place to aggregate and query results, but when did that ever stop anyone from achieving cool things? I am hoping that the folks from Adobe will grab the jump ball and build a Flex app to record results from inbound replies (Ted, Duane?)

We can use simple tags on the questions which can be stripped out and used to identify the Q&A. Meanwhile the user name will identify the voter. Maybe I am crazy or maybe its a great idea. What I do need is help from my fellow twitterers, to get more folks to sign up. If it works out we can then segment according to particular areas of interest but for now I just want to see if I can build an archiecture of participation. Wouldnt it be cool to be able to poll 1000 people to support an argument on your/our/my blog? I think so. So please head on over to RedMonkRSVP and become a follower. I promise not to overload the group with too many questions, but Twitters are easy to ignore anyway.

The first question- is this a good idea yes or no?. Go here to vote and please tell your friends. Just a twitter that says Poll1 and yes or no. That means you tooDevil Boy.


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  1. I’m game. This sounds promising.

  2. hrm… I want an undecided option šŸ˜‰
    also – are responses to this poll supposed to be public or direct messages? I’m not sure I could bear the potential noise of all the responses… but I’d happily reply directly and look forward to seeing the outcome.

  3. If you can shout me the response format from Twitter or API, we can build a Flex app for this. The results should be shared real time with everyone.


  4. No worries James, we are mashing Twitter something fierce.

    Twitter == PMP —>> Poor Mans Presence


    Ted šŸ™‚

  5. […] James of Redmonk fame has an interesting idea to use Twitter as a Really Simple Voting Poll (RSVP), IĀ  really like the idea of super lightweight simple polls. As much as I like Twitter, it seems like the wrong service for this. Jyte on the other hand is the ideal service for simple polls. […]

  6. James – interesting idea, and something I’ve been pondering myself. I just posted some thoughts on this:
    .. basically using a combination of direct messages and IM bots, something fairly sophisticated (and confidential) could be set up. I’m waiting for the twitter IM functionality to come back ([email protected] IM bot seems offline..), but will hopefully implement a prototype soonish…

  7. […] Really Simple Voting Poll tool as described by James Governor. […]

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