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Bill Marriott: Now That is What I Call a CEO blog

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There’s nothing I love more than a great Marriott cheeseburger and French fries. Boy, I just love French fries. I started cooking French fries back in 1950 when I worked in the Hot Shoppes in Salt Lake City. And all my boys joined the company when they were 15 and 16 and worked first cooking French fries in the Hot Shoppes. So I love French fries.

We serve over 6 million pounds of French fries every year and people love them. Unfortunately, we’ve all learned that the oil we use to cook French fries with is a source of trans-fat, and today that’s not good. We know it’s been linked to obesity and heart disease.

Talk about getting the tone right straight out of the gate. I literally have no insight or knowledge at all about whether or not Bill writes his own blogs, but this one has the ring of truth-its just too motherhood and apple pie to be otherwise. Bill loves fries, he has made a lot of them, and now is banning trans-fats in Marriott fries. cool. Why do I like Marriotts? They were the first hotel, in my experience, that made broadband as easy to use as in-house laundry services (courtesy of STSN).


  1. I generally like Marriotts but what annoys me is that they charge $17 per night for internet in the top hotels ($200+ per night) whereas they include it free in Courtyards (my favourites and often less than $100 a night).

  2. My wife used to work at Marriott Corporate in Bethesda, MD. Great company, great people, great Christmas parties. Kinda weird that it’s very Mormon-ish. Bill always seemed like a great guy.

    To this day, my wife still insists we stay in a Marriott property when we travel, if there’s any option.

    We used to walk over to their corporate cafeteria for lunch, since we worked right next door, and their cafeteria was awesome. Then their security started checking badges. “No lunch for you!”.

  3. he has written (or had written for him) books for him before and so blogging is a short putt. Also he spends much of his time opening new hotels and meeting all kinds of customers (I started staying there in 1982, and have seen them expand in to so many different brands like Courtyards, Residence Inn etc) – how many CEOs have that much customer face time? Wish airlines CEOs were that transparent…

  4. […] But Bill Marriott would be good. He talks to issues, and spends a lot of time in the field, which is why his blog is called Marriott on The Move. Ah coolness-here he is making stars of his employees- the concierge of the Washington Marriott, Valerie McSwain, is guesting. Great smile. Great story – from being on welfare with no computer literacy to putting her kids through college and wanting to write a book. You Go Girl! Well done Bill. I am liking your company more all the time. That blog is working a charm. But please get twittering…. […]

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