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Pleased to announce our new analyst – Anne Zelenka, the RedNun.

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I am extremely pleased to announce that we’re bringing a new analyst on board, effective immediately. Anne Zelenka is someone that has been a part of our social network for quite a while now, and I know she is going to make a fantastic difference to our team. At RedMonk we’re pretty fussy about hires- if you can get both Stephen and me onside that’s saying something.

Anne has all the requisites of a key influencer. She has her own community of readers and contacts, great industry knowledge, a background in writing that will stand her in good stead with us, and most importantly a questioning, striving, question the status quo mind.  

Anne will be helping to deepen our coverage in some key areas-particularly Rich Internet Applications and Rich Client Platforms. The limitations of pure online and pure offline are becoming clearer all the time, just as the boundaries between consumer versus enterprise, and so on, continue to dissolve.

What I do know is that enterprises and vendors alike are asking how to drive rich user experiences into their existing infrastructures, or wondering what their next platform choice should be. Which is where bringing in Anne and her RedMonk blog techdecentral, comes in. Like the rest of the Redmonk team though, Anne’s “beat” will not be narrowly defined. We applaud generalists here. Check out her blog to read more about her coverage areas. 

Her personal blog is also a must read, and as Duane Nickull of Adobe said when he first heard about it- “I have to meet someone brave enough to call themselves Anne 2.0.”

Bravery is something we like here. To be a great analyst you need to be able to take and defend a position, argue it in public, and perhaps even admit it when you got it wrong.

I hope you all make Anne welcome, and I look forward to introducing her to our clients.


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  1. James,
    A nunning move.
    I look forward to reading Anne 2.0.

  2. Episode 35 – Welcome, Anne Zelenka!

    In this episode, I talk with the newest RedMonk member, Anne Zelenka. As Steve and James both said, I’m thrilled to have Anne joining us. I’ve been looking forward to it. As they say, “we’re expecting great things” ;>…

  3. Congrats to Anne on her new job and James/Steve/Cote for reducing their workload by 33% 😉

    Looking forward to her coverage of Ajax.

  4. At the risk of being seen as a spam commenter I’ll paraphrase what I said at Anne’s place:

    Congratulations to you all – knowing James as I do, there’s no way this would happen unless he was satisfied that everyone wins out of this. Good to see you making progress in the business.

  5. This is just great – for all of you guys. It’s getting better and better!

  6. James,
    Congratulations on attracting one of the finest minds on the web into your shop. As I commented at Anne’s blog, you’ve scored quite a coup!

  7. Welcome Anne, look forward to meeting you!

    Best, Jon

  8. Brilliant – it is so good seeing the ranks of analyst 2.0 community continuing to grow. Welcome Anne and congrats to the boys for having the good sense to dilute some of that testosterone 🙂

  9. thanks all. the feedback makes me feel even more positive… and i already felt pretty darned good!

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