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I am in Vegas now and Adobe is rolling the Gondola out

Ok so Oracle did a good job, and I have plenty to report. But me and Cote just flew in from SFO and came down to the Venetian hotel. Fricking outrageous.

I was kidding when I said “how come we don’t have suites?” We do have suites.

I am really looking forward to meeting some Adobe senior management and hearing more about cool tools.

Now I am going to have a drink.

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  1. So, I take it you don’t belong to the ‘analysts only require bread and water’ school of thought, then?

    Looking forward to seeing you again on 2nd November at the IIAR meeting.

  2. Been there, done that on a number of occasions. Nice. Bathroom to die for but I guess you’ve not had time to explore *that* room – yet.

  3. Hey, James, we are in the same hotel and by the looks of your room, same tower…. ha ha… and Cote and I couldn’t hook up in Austin. Am here until Thursday… will call you…

  4. By the way, don’t know about your room, but mine has no complimentary coffee maker. Called room service at 5:15am and asked for coffee, they said it was $7 a small pot and it would take 20-mins… Welcome to Vegas… “Money for nothing and the chicks are free”.

    So it may be a suite, but its not sweet.

  5. Check out the Pinot Noir restaraunt…you won’t be dissapointed.

  6. A suite maybe…. but you should have seen Sir Elton John’s suit yesterday night…

  7. bloody hell. more comments than any other post. ludicrous. cheers guys.

    mark – my phone is uncharged. cote is on 512 663 7507

  8. Don’t tell Vinnie.

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