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Giving eMusic some love

A VC: eMusic – My Only Online Music Store

Amen Fred.

eMusic is a really great music service. No DRM. Just good music, where the rights holders get paid. I am an evangelist.

I can make tons of good eMusic recommendations – or check out my channel, most of which is available on eMusic.
The company also has outstanding customer support. Whenever I have ever had a problem Chris McBride has sorted me right out.

He is director of retention marketing and he does a great job. He does real not fake CRM.

So here’s to eMusic’s continued success, and I hope Chris gets a big bonus – he deserves it.

A couple of tips – make sure you get your daily bonus track – if you’re not an IE user you might want to download the eMusic toolbar for Firefox or at least go to the daily download.

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  1. Amen. eMusic is a great service. For me, it’s been a way to get caught up on all of the music that I listened to in the 1990′s when I didn’t have the money for CDs. (Bleep is my other staple music service.)

  2. I keep forgetting about the daily download, even though you have mentioned that several times… need to do that.

    eMusic rocks!

  3. James – Thanks for the spreading the good word about eMusic and for your kind words. More and more we are hearing from people that they appreciate eMusic’s no DRM approach. To us, it’s the only way that makes sense.

    As for our customer service, we are lucky to have an outstanding group of knowledgeable and dedicated individuals on the team who go out of their way to help people get the most out of the eMusic service. Without them eMusic wouldn’t be where it is today.

  4. ah yes- bleep was a real find. but i must admit i had not been back in a while. looks like its time to go back…

  5. Don’t you wish they had a more friendly price model though? Why restrict what I can buy to $9.99 per month, or $14.99 per month etc., and why have me pay that up front every month? I much prefer to part with my money on my own terms, not on those dictated by someone else…

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