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Global microbrand meets local microvan

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I was surprised Hugh didn’t catch the para-rhyme in his latest post. Hugh the originator (I think) of the global microbrand idea.

In his latest post Hugh meets a guy that sells coffee and has a decent quality of life. And that’s it. Is a blog the equivalent of a tiny European microvan? We can set up anywhere and get busy, and offer great personal service. We’re not competing with Starbucks but we’re doing a good job serving customers.

"an industrial espresso machine in the back, and a space for napkins and cups"

The coffee machine is a blog, the space for napkins and cups is a wiki… and its big like a Tardis.

So like I say, global microbrand meets local microvan. Now what if Caffeine Rush could franchise vans across Europe? Then it would be on thee way to being a global microvan business…

Sorry folks for being "off topic"- just playing with some words, and I haven’t been posting much lately, so I hope you’ll excuse me.

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  1. Cool post. There’s really nothing “off topic” about it. Microbrands can be very inventive, and hugely disruptive. I found an even smaller one here:

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