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Bar Bourse Review: smoked crocodile in London

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I recently met Malcom Skinner, EMEA PR director for Cybertrust, for lunch at a place called Bar Bourse in Mansion House. It seems like other people really love it, given outstanding reviews here.

You’d probably call the food Fusion if you were a Californian. Lord knows how a Londoner should describe it.

My "Asian plate" of tempura prawn, spring roll and sushi was good, if not mind-blowing. Just a bit too much grease in the tempura.

Malcolm had the smoked crocodile salad. Of course it tasted like chicken – said he. What I didn’t necessarily expect was that it looked like chicken too…

For a main course I plumped for the pan-fried seabass. You can’t really go wrong with seabass- but the purple potatoes that came with the fish were disappointing – a big dollop of normal mash would have been better – style over content.

Malcolm’s grilled scallops were perfect though – with chili, coriander and lime.

The restaurant has a nice buzz, pleasant waiting staff, and is evidently very popular. It’s not cheap but its in the heart of the City. All in all I would give the restaurant a thumbs up – I would go again.

The real reason I am posting this review however is a bet I made with Malcolm about the efficacy of blogging. I bet him that the Google link ranks were likely to place this review more highly than you would expect. So lets wait a couple of days and see. 

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  1. What is the address of Bar Bourse, other than mansion House ? Sounds like a place worth trying on my upcoming visit to London …

  2. aha .. 67 Queen Street (good ole Google, of course) .. your review does not yet show up on the fierts two pages of G ….

  3. i must admit – the address was on the linked review, so i left it at that. but thanks for clarifying.

    when are you over here again jon?

  4. dagnabbit. but Google usually takes a couple of days to spider, so its all good.

    And as for you Jaime- thanks for the link! that has to help.

  5. James .. I should be in Brighton, with day trips to London, between the 13th and 18th of April .. in Paris from the 3rd to 9th, in case you are over there.

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