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RedMonk Radio Episode 2: Open Source Systems Management, the Austin Mafia, Edge Cases and People Ready

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Why is this podcast good? Because its mercifully short… 😉 Try it you might like it.
As Cotesays:

James and I talk about a grab-bag of exciting topics, from open source systems management, to Microsoft’s People Ready campaign, to comments about episode one.

I broke this recording into two parts, so the second part should be available later this week.

You can download the episode directly by clicking here.

Or you can subscribe to the podcast feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RedmonkRadio.

Also, you can send comments to [email protected]: MP3’s or text would be great. Or, just leave comments below or on your own blog.

We talk to the issues mentioned above.

I also call out Serena‘s ace evangelist Kevin Parker, and how I think Eclipse ALF is already the defacto standard for application lifecycle management tooling, even though it isn’t even baked yet.

A little Tivoli and Austin software – hello Mr Wilby. I admit my most embarrassing moment in a meeting. ever. by some margin, which concerns Tivoli founder Steve Marcie, a great guy, but not hard-charging red meat CEO material.

Microsoft People Ready? I hope so – software doesn’t install itself.

And some other stuff too.


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  1. “And some other stuff too” – that’s a good tagline for the podcast in general 😉

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