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Congratulations to my partner in crime: tecosystems on Top 100 list

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I have said before that Stephen O’Grady’s tecosystems is the blog I look forward to most every day. The best bit is that he is my business partner. It is an honour to work with the guy.

His writing goes from strength to strength, his analysis seems to be getting sharper by the day, and he is increasingly on the money when it comes to technical analysis. When Stephen first came to the industry analyst business he was fairly burned out on technology, because working as a systems integrator had made coding a chore. Too much (rational) process made Stephen a dull boy.

But he is more like a kid again now, seeing the joy in technology and translating the attendant benefits.

No other analyst, in my opinion, has done such a good job of articulating where open source technology and business models are heading. Other firms may do a good job of reacting to changes, but at RedMonk we like to think we get ahead of the curve. Stephen is a huge part of that.

Another thing about tecosystems is user advocacy. At RedMonk we’re not just watching the debate around open standards, we’re contributing to it.  Our community is responding very positively to the approach.

Its a pleasure, then, to say that Stephen has been chosen for the CNET News.com Blog 100. They call him “a one-man technology industry focus group.”

Here is his typically low key response.


  1. who you calling dull? 🙂

    in all seriousness though, the transition from SI to analyst was definitely the right move. as ESPN’s the Sports Guy would say, i got hooked up to the juvenation machine.

    but let’s not also forget who taught me the ropes and put his job on the line for me. the honor is mine.

    besides, if we did a poll of the technical elite – the tim bray’s of the world – you’d unquestionably come out ahead.

    in any event, it’s a pleasure working with and learning from the *real* best analyst in the business.

  2. Well done Stephen. Congrats. 🙂

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