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Market Chatter: A View on industry analyst sector consolidation

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I am in the Palisades at IBM’s Systems and Technology Group industry analyst event in New York.

Rick Sturm is a guy that i respect and like. He runs a tight ship called Enterprise Management Associates, an industry analyst firm that focuses on – you got it – systems management. Anyhow over coffee this morning we were talking about the state of the industry, and how easy it is to pick up business from the nice folks over at Mega Target

Yes he said, “Gartner’s acquisition of Meta Group was a wonderful Christmas present…”

Many independent firms are now seeing more, not less, opportunity. Thanks Gartner for trying to kill the competion with an aquisition. Maybe the competition isn’t who it thought it was. From a budget standpoint i wouldn’t be surprised if 1+1= 1.2

0.7 probability?

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  1. Right on – so many companies I’ve been speaking to have been using “the big munge” as an opportunity to reassess their relationships with analysts, and even in some cases to mull the real nature of “influence”. More and more this “influence” thing is being understood as a complex beast – and more and more, people are realising that value doesn’t just come from something because it has a Big Sticker on it. If we focus on always doing a fantastic job for our clients, the only way is up.

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